Tuesday, September 25, 2007

busy busy busy!

Well I've been busy making more jewelry. I have added some to my etsy store. But I still have more to add. I figure I will add a little at a time to keep me in the just listed. So keep checking back. I put a few things on craftsters to get some feedback and I have gotten some really good responses on my stuff. Especially for my big butterfly. It is my favorite also. It toke like a day and 1/2 to make. Which when I go to make another it shouldn't take that long to do now that I know how I want my design to look. I worked really hard on it so I'm glad everyone likes it. I was thinking I would try to make some little ones too and I want to try some different color combos. The one I already made was silver as the base and red and black as the accents. I know I want to try turquiose and brown. I love those 2 colors together. Not sure what else I will try.

Any suggestions? Here's a pic of the butterfly if you haven't seen it in my store yet. More pics in my store also.

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