Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my first post

I am a blog virgin so be gentle w/ me everyone. Well besides the couple of post I did on my myspace page recently. I just figured I go ahead a dive in and make my own. I will tell you a little about myself now I guess. I am a stay at home of mom. I have one son he is 4. He is the center of my life that everything revolves around. I am hoping to start selling my jewelry and other fanciful trinkets I love to make soon. I have been creating art since I could hold a crayon so I love making stuff. Its kinda an addiction for me in a way. When I'm not crafting I feel like something is missing. I just have to be doin something crafty. The main reason for this blog is a creative outlet for me to share, get feedback and get my stuff out there. I use all kinds of mediums. My biggest passion right now is for using wire. I make jewelry and other things for the home w/ wire. I also love using beads, buttons, I paint, knit, sew and mosaic also. So I hope to start posting some of my stuff soon. So keep checking back often!

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